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Who We Are

Our Story, A Synergy Of Success

In 1998, as the dot com boom and bust changed the fate of technology businesses, two friends, Manoj Badale and Charles Mindenhall joined forces to co-found Blenheim Chalcot with the intention of solving industry bottlenecks to productivity and profitability. Blenheim Chalcot went on to become UK’s largest venture builder with 42+ ventures, 3,000 employees, £500m portfolio sales, and group assets under management of £1.5bn.

Blenheim Chalcot India hails from this 24-year-old legacy of industry disruptors and currently engages over 21 portfolio companies across multiple sectors. Founded as the Indian operational unit, we have rapidly developed into strategic partners that help the Blenheim Chalcot UK ventures motor through uncertainty, disrupt markets, and deliver results.

What We Deliver

We Provide An Edge That Enables Accelerated Growth And Success

What do technology innovators need to unlock high growth in an unpredictable world?
Great infrastructure, robust technology, great working spaces, and high-caliber talent.

We at Blenheim Chalcot India nurture our strategic partnerships and support the Blenheim Chalcot UK ventures on their innovation journey. Our strategically designed in-house services and solutions deliver industry leading quality, agility, scalability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Here is why our partners trust our talent, technology, and tenacity to go-to market

A science to building business

As venture builders we bring in a lot more than capital for your business. We bring in technology, skills, infrastructure and resources to help entrepreneurs like you take their ideas from conception to scale, maturity and exit. This shared ecosystem works to improve speed and the rate of success.

Hands-on support and services

Our robust hands-on support model lets fellow entrepreneurs work alongside while having access to a central pool of shared services like talent acquisition, digital marketing, legal services, infrastructural support, and financial assistance. (All provided by Blenheim Chalcot)

Commercial model for sustained growth

The commercial model for sustained growth that we works towards achieving long term success rather than small term wins. Our energies are focused on building valuable businesses with sturdy foundations and highly competitive models. We as a collective stay nimble, solve real customer problems, and offer a higher success probability.

Our Approach

Galvanizing Performance Through Our Unique Approach
Galvanizing Performance Through
Our Unique Approach

Every business has unique challenges and needs solutions that are thoughtfully tailored to address critical business pain points for their markets and their customer base.

Blenheim Chalcot India addresses these needs through five operating verticals – Technology, FinOps, Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing.


We're run by entrepreneurs

Our partners are entrepreneurs first. We stay involved in every stage of every venture and believe in open-door collaboration, working alongside teams, mutually benefiting from their experiences and connections. This working style has built Blenheim Chalcot ventures across IT, sports, financial services, infrastructural services, technology, media, education, healthcare, and more


We accelerate ventures with in house services

We provide direct support and services to our portfolios in terms of technology, digital services, infrastructure, talent acquisition, financial services, legal advice, marketing and sales, all under one roof.


We create the right environment for growth

We create the right environment for
growth with over two decades of excellence in collaborative working and delivering to competitive
pricing with centralized, quality services and high caliber individuals, we create an environment that accelerates growth


We trust people

The foundation of a successful business lies in believing and trusting the potential of its people. Our talent pool operates on strong values, ethics, acumen, and freedom to nurture success in their respective industries.


We are patient

Our sustainable growth model is based on mutual trust and confidence. Our entrepreneurs have patience in our strategies, and we believe in being patient with their businesses. We don’t have ‘fund schedules’ so we keep our money invested for as long as it takes.


We are innovation partners

We act as growth catalysts and provide businesses with accessible resources that are essential for innovating, adapting, and outmaneuvering competitors.

Our Strength Lies In Our Diversity

“We firmly believe that our workforce is our greatest asset. It is the unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of our employees that drive our innovation, growth, and success.

At BC India, we believe in providing equal opportunities to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential. Together, we create a workplace that celebrates differences and thrives on inclusion. We are proud to be an organisation that values and embraces diversity in all its forms.”


Director & CEO – Blenheim Chalcot India

leader of Blenheim Chalcot

Leaders Of Blenheim Chalcot India

We Make Performance Possible
Our team of dedicated and skilled leaders work diligently to deliver quality results to our portfolios with well-constructed plans.